AnF 2.6 "College"

Posted by The Evil Genius On Tuesday, November 23, 2010 1 comments

This one is dedicated to all the present final years. I know this is a bit too early to be posting such farewell stuff but it is important. We still have time, time to make the most of the college life. This life will never come back. So to all my friends, also to all the juniors, make the most of your life... no regrets. DO EVERYTHING you always wanted to do in college.. dream.. and let it come true :)

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mitesh said...

Just as one senior aptly put it "Until you get placed, it appears as though life drags on. The day you get placed, time just flies out in college."

Let no morrow bequeath you sweeter times than this day
With friends still nigh you, enjoy every moment the best you may
As long as there be sunshine on your face as company of friends
Let carpe diem prevail irresponsibly until everything comes to an end.

Let no sorrow bring a thought that what could still be done
With friends still nigh you, make every bit of memory fun
For whereas life pauses not and this time may soon be gone
There would be these inspirations; these memories will live on.

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